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The American Institute of Functional Integrated Dry Needling is based in Wilmington, Delaware for Healthcare Professionals with over a decade year history of providing Post Professional continuing education seminars, certification programs & diplomas in pain management, functional rehabilitation, and sports rehabilitation.

The mission of the FIDN Institute is to provide the highest quality integrated Post Professional dry needling education in pain management, functional rehabilitation & sports rehabilitation. The Institute ‘s programs aim to develop a competent and autonomous professional capable of diagnosing and caring for patients with neuro – musculoskeletal dysfunction. The institute serves to support, encourage and facilitate the pursuit of excellence in musculoskeletal, sports & orthopedic patient care by advancing the skills and intellectual competence of the clinician and by encouraging and requiring clinically relevant research.

Skills You Will Acquire

  • The Delegate will be conversant in the most recent developments in Anatomy, Neurophysiology & Pain Physiology of Human Body.
  • The Delegate will be aware of the evidence base for dry needling & the disorders suitable for this approach.
  • The Delegate will have an understanding of the physiological process of healing, their clinical relevance, & appropriate measures to address complex chronic pain disorders & the neurophysiological basis for pain relief by FIDN.
  • The Delegate will be proficient in applying FIDN concepts in the treatment of Spinal Disorders, Radiculapathies, Shoulder & Pelvic Girdle Dysfunctions, Upper & Lower Limb Impingement Syndrome as well as working on the Retinacula & Fascial connections.
  • The Delegate will be proficient in determining a differential diagnosis based on the accurate assessment of using FIDN concepts which enables them to work on Muscle, Fascia, Nerves, Retinacula & Tendon.
  • The Delegate will be able to formulate the most appropriate & effective FIDN management programme suitable for the assessed condition.
  • The Delegate will be proficient in applying an appropriate FIDN concepts strategy incorporating with other treatment interventions.


All our courses are postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

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