• The foot and ankle are the foundation of our body and they assist us in some of the most basic functions of living. The Foot & Ankle dysfunctions could be the most neglected & underrated aspects of musculoskeletal injuries & sports performance.
  • The recent research work suggests that muscles, ligaments, tendons & fascia form the continuum key to the foot for bipedal walking & running. In Foot & Ankle Model(Module 5) we are addressing the importance of the feet, which is often considered to be the distal end of the fascial chain.
  • Due to faulty movements & improper modern day footwear there is a decrease in strength and size of the ankle & foot muscles, which remain semi-dormant that can lead to a negative impact on muscle function throughout lower limb, hips, core, thoracic & cervical spinal musculature. The chronic adhesive bands formed in the musculature due to foot and ankle dysfunctions can be successfully engaged by FIDN process.
  • The understanding that improper or aggravated forces on the foot & ankle due to faulty movements offered assisted by improper fascial chain can lead to further dysfunctions.
  • During the Gait cycle foot and ankle plays a major role in maintaining kinetic chain which can get disturbed due to associated dysfunctions and FIDN addresses exactly same.
  • The structural changes in the feet over a period of time are often observed due to changes in the biomechanical movement pattern, which causes dysfunction in the fascial, and kinetic change is successfully explained in Foot & Ankle Model(Module 5).

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