• The Pelvic loor is a group of muscles & ligaments that support the bladder, uterus & bowel.In the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Model(Module 6) we address the various dysfunctions that can result in pain, constipation, urinary incontinence & dificulty with intercourse. People suffering from one of dysfunction in both sexes(males & females) are more likely to develop other forms of pelvic loor dysfunction.This is why it is important to identify issues and address symptoms early & take action to prevent future complications.
  • Pelvic loor dysfunction is the inability to correctly contract(tighten) and relax the muscles, which may lead to the development of chronic adhesions in and around the pelvic loor musculature.
  • The chronic adhesions may lead to strain of the pelvic muscles or referred pain and irritation in and around the pelvic loor, which can be successfully engaged by Functional Integrated Dry Needling process.
  • In Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Model(Module 6) we address the interrelationship between the pelvic loor muscles and dysfunctions caused by the development of the adhesions by providing a structured program for reconditioning of the muscles.
  • The Functional Integrated Dry Needling process helps to release these chronic adhesive bands, which may be fascial or muscular in order to decrease pain and increase the contraction and coordination with increase in range of movement.
  • The pelvic loor rehabilitation program provides comprehensive management for patients with dysfunction & pain with retraining pelvic loor muscle coordination.

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